Celebrity Big Brother 2011 house to feature its own 24/7 bar!

Big Brother 11 house

The new Big Brother 2011 house features its own bar, which will be open for the housemates all day and all night - as long as they're good! According to the Daily Star, Channel 5 bosses added the bar so contestants can "let their spirits run free".

They also want to see plenty of action in the house, are hope the booze on tap will get celebs such as TOWIE's Amy Childs to "loosen up".

Let's hope that's all she does, we don't want another Kinga moment... or maybe we do?!

Fortunately Big Brother won't just be laying on the free drink for nothing, producers will only open the bar when the contestants are being entertaining enough!


“Fans don’t want to see a bunch of people sitting around being boring," a supposed show insider told the newspaper.

They continued: “They want to see them getting drunk so they get randy, go bedhopping and let slip some of their sauciest secrets.

“But as always with Big Brother, there’s a twist. If the group misbehave or break the rules then they’ll be punished with special supernatural torture frights.”

Sounds exciting!

> Big Brother 2011 house to be "pure luxury" - but there's a "major twist"!

Celebrity Big Brother 2011 starts on August 18 on Channel 5 at 9PM.

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