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Amy Childs

So with less than 2 weeks left until Celebrity Big Brother kicks off and there's rumours abound on who will be making the journey up those famous stairs (if they still exist in the new house) later this month, here's my rundown on the latest rumoured housemates...

The following rumours from around the internet forums and fan sites point to who is likely to make up the first ‘celebrity’ housemates on Channel 5’s watch. I’ll also be giving them my celebrity rating out of 5 as to how watchable they are likely to be and why. You may not agree, we all have our favourites, but as usual we are all entitled to our opinions.

So, let’s start at the top of the celebrity tree with the biggest rumour (and alleged fee),
1. Charlie Sheen: The 45 year old actor and son of Martin Sheen has been rumoured to have been approached and offered a staggering £6m to appear.

Last seen on our screens in the massive US hit Two and a Half men he has more recently been hitting the headlines for losing the plot and for living with a porn star and his ex nanny. Well the girls may have gone but by all accounts the craziness remains.

Don’t write off him making an appearance on our screens in what would be a major coup for Channel 5. My only reservation is that I hope his mental state has been taken into account and producers don’t just put him in there for ratings. He would make great TV but not to the detriment of his wellbeing. #Winning

Rating 5 (As long as he doesn’t go more insane in the house)


2. Sarah (Duchess of York) Ferguson: Posh ginger ex member of our Royal family. She has been used to the star treatment for a long time now but she had better get used to roughing it with the common folk if she does go into the Big Brother house.

Rumoured to be having financial issues (who isn’t) the fees from an appearance could go a long way to paying off some of the alleged debts she has. More known in the US than here these days she recently had a bit of bad press again when caught offering to make introductions for cash by a News of the World sting operation.

Again I think she would be a major coup for Channel 5 as Big Brothers first true royalty in the house. Known for putting her foot in her mouth (and other peoples in hers) she is bound to have some great stories to tell. Whether we get to see any of them is another thing altogether.

Rating 4 (All the juiciest stuff will be edited out)

3. Kerry (Mum of the year) Katona: Ex Atomic Kitten, Ex I’m a Celebrity Get me out of here winner, Ex Star of her own reality show(s) and now apparently trying to get her career, and some might say life, back on track.

She has been used to living her life very much in the public eye and so should have no problem adapting to the Big Brother house. Rumoured to have been turned down before due to her well documented ‘problems’ my only concern is in the same ballpark as Sheen. Her mental state.

Other less substantiated rumours of her mum and ex Mark Croft entering the house would make her stay a lot less comfortable.

Rating 3 (Seen it all before and I’m bored now)

4. Amy (TOWIE) Childs: Has ‘resigned’ from the show that made her a ‘star’ and a rumoured fee of £250,000 is sure to make her an absolute certainty to be on our screens in the Big Brother house. The only one of the rumoured housemates who has been virtually confirmed.

Having been in a series where scenes are set up and filmed as natural conversation I doubt that Amy will have very much to say that we have not heard before. I don’t expect Big Brother to be laying on the Vajazzle kits for her so she will have to concentrate on something other than how she looks.

Who knows though? Left to her own devices she may surprise a lot of people (including me) and show us something we never knew was there.

Rating 3 (She isn’t Katie Price just yet but who know?)

5. Jedward: My name’s John and his name is Edward and together we are John and Edward! I remember those immortal words on X-Factor as if they were yesterday and who would have guessed that these two would still have a ‘career’ this long after the show had finished? Joe McElderry has no longer got a record deal but these two have!! Since changing their name to the far more memorable Jedward they have gone from strength to strength.

These were one of the first names to rise to the surface on the forums and fan sites and they were met with a chorus of ‘Oh No’ and just as many who said ‘Oh Yes’ Personally I find them as irritating as a dose of thrush but they are going to be entertaining to watch as long as they shut up for more than 5 minutes. Stories of them wanting to share a bed in the house do not bode well under the microscope of BB, remember Jade and PJ? I do....

Rating 3 (They will get boring and annoying VERY quickly)

Those are the Top 5 ‘Big stars’ so far but here are some other names rumoured to be taking part but in my opinion not making anyone excited enough to be bothered if they are in or not, outside of their own fans and family members.

Mark (TOWIE) Wright, Reported to be being paid £50 a day on TOWIE it is £50 too much in my opinion. We have one ‘Non-Reality’ TV celebrity we don’t need another.

Wagner. Sleazy pot smoking ‘singer’ who was eventually voted off X-Factor would add nothing to the house other than for us to watch him ogling Amy Childs and other female housemates 24-7 (oh no we can’t do that as we won’t have live feed)*

Paddy (Big fat gypsy wedding) Doherty: I have to admit to not ever watching BFGW but I can only imagine from what I have read about Paddy that it wouldn’t be long before a fight had broken out. I’m not sure Channel 5 want another Fight night quite so soon and I would be less surprised if Brendan Sheerin from Coach Trip arrived in the house.

Vanessa White (From the Saturdays): Can’t get any of Girls aloud? Then how about one of the Saturdays? I’m sure that after Mutya Buena from the Sugababes did so well she may be tempted to go in. An outside chance from the ones I’ve listed in this second batch.

Ricky Hatton: Imagine Ricky Hatton and Paddy Doherty in the house? Me either. If Ricky goes in then Paddy won’t be there. I’d like to see Hatton in there as he is another character who would have stories to tell but I doubt he will go in.

Bobby Brown: Whitney Houston’s ex husband and former member of New Edition would be totally crazy to go into the house and I don’t even know where I heard his name but I guess if he goes in it’s his prerogative (cue groans)

Finally two names I’ve heard mentioned (one that gets mentioned EVERY Celeb big Brother) who will definitely NOT be
going into the house (in my humble opinion) but they make very good press. Those are Mike Tyson and Pamela Anderson. Tyson has done a bit of reality

TV in the US with Dancing with the Stars and Pamela has already done Big Brother in Australia and India so it’s not much of a stretch for her to do ours. I just don’t think it makes sense for her to do it (unless she is doing panto again this year over here)

*I must stop banging on about the lack of live feed

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Mark Lockstone is a self confessed TV addict and Big Brother fan since 2000. I’ll be sharing my views and opinions on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother and ‘Actual’ Big Brother as they air for the first time on Channel 5. I’ll be providing a weekly roundup of the comings, goings and the housemates themselves from the most famous house in the UK. I may not have made it into the house this year myself but it doesn’t stop me having an opinion on every aspect of the Big brother Experience.

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