Kerry Katona goes on Celebrity Big Brother diet to look good next to Amy Childs!

Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona has reportedly started a crash diet to get slim herself down to a size 8 ahead of her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother later this month, with the reality star apparently nervous about being in the house alongside The Only Way Is Essex babe Amy Childs.

According to sources close to the troubled mum, Kerry is hoping that the Channel 5 reality series will help her to relaunch her career.

The former singer is understood to have agreed to a £250,000 deal to take part, with mum Sue also having been offered £50,000 to enter.

A pal said: "Kerry is worried about looking so old and frumpy next to Amy. She's put herself on a strict diet of salads and low-fat soups to get to a size 8.


"She's even cut back on fags so she can do more exercise - she's doing her own workout DVD and running three miles nearly every day.

"She's also having facials and planning a weight-loss wrap to lose inches quickly."

Kerry celebrated the start of her exercise regime last week with... booze and a curry. "This is my last night of fun. I've got to behave myself before the show," she insisted to frien.ds.

A source added: "Kerry's other worry is that she knows there'll be booze on Celebrity Big Brother and she's scared she'll reveal too much about her chaotic life if she has to drink.

"She can't keep her mouth shut after even one drink and she gets a bit frisky too!"

Celebrity Big Brother 2011 starts on August 18 on Channel 5.

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