A "super excited" Emma Willis chats about Big Brother's Bit On The Side

Emma Willis

Emma Willis is back with Big Brother this year, hosting Channel 5's new weekday spin-off Bit On The Side which will air after the main show. Speaking on the Channel 5 website today, Emma says she's "so super excited" for the return of the reality series, and can't wait to get stuck in.

Talking about the concept for the new show, which will be an hour long, Emma said: "So Big Brother's Bit On The Side I would say is a mixture of Little Brother, Big Mouth and then a whole entity which is Bit On The Side.

"We'll have debates and audience interaction, VTs from other participating members of the team, exclusive clips, exclusive news and lots of guests, whether they're celeb fans or ex housemates or specialists or journalists. It'll be a brilliant fanzine show that will cater to what every super fan needs."


And the preggers telly host was looking forward to working with the show's main host, Brian Dowling.

Emma said: "I'm super, super excited that Brian's going to be here, I voted for him first time in the house. I didn't vote for him in Ultimate [Big Brother] because I was meant to be impartial but I secretly had a shrine in my dressing room and was wishing him to win."

She added: "Brian is a perfect candidate, he knows the show from every angle he has the love and passion for it. He is super funny and super nice."

Asked what type of housemates she was looking forward to on this year's series, Emma replied: "I'm looking forward to a nice well rounded bunch of housemates, what I don't want is a bunch of crazy , wacky people who are desperate to get on television."

"I want to see some good story lines, and I don't want to see sex!"

Big Brother returns to Channel 5 with a Celebrity version from mid-August

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