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With Big Brother's return just a few weeks away now, we've got a brilliant new weekly feature for the site: Big Brother's Big Blog! Written by telly addict and Big Brother fanatic since the beginning, Mark Lockstone, this weekly column will feature opinions and views of the latest house antics!

In his first blog, Mark looks ahead to the new series and what he hopes the show will have in store for us, over to Mark...

On August 16th, 17th or 18th The first series of Celebrity Big Brother will air on Channel 5. So am I excited? You bet I am!

A year ago I was awash with the despair of watching my favourite TV show laid to rest by its old friends at Channel 4. Rumours of Channel 5 picking up the show where Channel 4 left off had been floating around on internet forums for a few months before the end but i didn’t dare believe it. So when I heard that it was true I was filled with a mixture of extreme happiness and utter trepidation.


Having watched some of Channel 5’s output over the years I worried that they would ruin a perfect format by just rehashing the old Channel 4 format. I agree that Big Brother on Channel 4 was dying. The channel had obviously grown tired of it and wanted out and who better than Channel 5 to take over from them.

When Big Brother started on Channel 4 in 2000 it was a young TV station trying to find its place. Big Brother was the perfect vehicle to cement its place as a provider of ground breaking television. Channel 5 finds itself in the same position now and Big Brother is again leading the way, this time for them.

Big Brother will be the programme that gets them the large audience share they have craved for so long and it will raise the profile of the Channel around the world. Channel 5, for their part, seems to be investing a lot of time and money making sure it is a success.

Yes, there have already been some contentious issues. The announcement (or lack thereof) that the much loved Live feed will/won’t be available for the new series. The appointment of Ex BB housemate and Ultimate BB winner Brian Dowling as the new host of Big Brother when many (myself included) would have preferred Emma Willis to present it, are just two of them.

My views on Live feed have been voiced already on my blog and I reserve judgment on Whether Brian Dowling can step into the size 6 stilettos of the much loved Davina McCall. I think if he can learn to focus on the contestants and make his interviews about them rather than about himself then he will do well.

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Emma Willis is the new presenter of something hilariously (not) called Big Brothers ‘Bit on the side’ which sounds like a BBLB/BBBM hybrid. Again this is Channel 5 at least trying something new and trying to refresh their version of the show. Whether it will be as good as the shows it is replacing remains to be seen but with superfan Emma at the helm I have great hopes for it.

So in an ideal world who would I like to see in the first Celebrity Big Brother house? It will no doubt be the usual collection of out of work soap actors, glamour models, politicians, 80’s pop stars, comedians (who have not been on tv in a bit) The usual token American housemate and one or two ‘stand out’ housemates who make you wonder how the producers ever got them to agree to doing the show at all! (Usually an enormous fee and editorial control of their output)

Now Channel 5 have promised us The Biggest stars for the first show. So there now follows my ‘Dream’ list ten, who I would love to see in this year’s house (although the bookers would have to be the best in the business to get them)

1. Cheryl Cole – Geordie pop songstress and ex US X-Factor judge
2. Ashley Cole - Sometime footballer and philanderer (and obviously the Ex Mr Cole)
3. Joan Rivers – Acerbic American comedian and acid tongued fashion critic
4. Howard Marks – Author and very EX Pot smoking drug smuggler (He would have some stories to tell)
5. Carol Decker – The Ginger goddess from The mighty T’Pau (80’s pop group)
6. Rebekah Brooks – Ex News of the World Editor (for a bit/lot of scandal) you could also bring in her ex, Ross Kemp halfway through to add a bit of that Chantelle and Preston magic
7. Dizzy Rascal – Rapper and original Bad Boy
8. Britney Spears – Who in my opinion would be an EPIC housemate
9. Boris Johnson – You have to have a politician in there and Boris would be great entertainment

And last but by no means least, Davina McCall herself. It would be amazing to see Davina in the house for an extended stay. I loved seeing her in there for the last series on Channel 4, even if it was only for a few hours.

To close out this pre-show wish list I would just like to wish everyone who is going to be involved in the new show all the very best of luck and to let them know that me and every one of the Big Brother crew will be watching and hoping that they capture and keep the magic of a show so many of us have loved over the past 10 years.

About the author

Mark Lockstone is a self confessed TV addict and Big Brother fan since 2000. I’ll be sharing my views and opinions on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother and ‘Actual’ Big Brother as they air for the first time on Channel 5. I’ll be providing a weekly roundup of the comings, goings and the housemates themselves from the most famous house in the UK. I may not have made it into the house this year myself but it doesn’t stop me having an opinion on every aspect of the Big brother Experience.

Follow me on Twitter @Locko8668 for more of the same in 140 character chunks.

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