Emma Willis not jealous after being snubbed for main Big Brother hosting job

Emma Willis

Emma Willis has insisted she's fine with not being given the main hosting job for Big Brother, joking she’s not at all jealous with the pressure Brian Dowling is under. The host of new spin-off, Big Brother's Bit On The Side, added she hoped fans wouldn’t judge Brian too quickly.

Asked if she was 'gutted' she didn't get the job of hosting the main show herself, Emma said: "I don't think I am. It would have been amazing but taking over from someone who presented it spotlessly for 11 years, there's so much pressure with that job."


Speaking about Brian, Emma continued: "He's a competent presenter, he's a lovely guy - which shows 'cos he has Big Brother twice - and he knows the show inside out. There's no one that knows the inside of that house better than Brian."

Emma laughed: "I'm glad he got the role and not me! Whoever follows Davina isn't going to be in for an easy ride."

Talking to New! magazine this week, Emma added she hoped the show would still be a success without Davina. "For me, Davina was Big Brother, but I also loved the show as its own entity. I hope it works for Brian and I hope people aren't too hard on him.

"People can be so harsh on news shows and new hosts. It doesn't help nerves."

Brian and Emma make their debut as the new Big Brother presenting team when Celebrity Big Brother starts on Channel 5 next month.

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