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Big Brother 2011 eye

Channel 5 today revealed the new Big Brother 2011 eye logo and as soon as we saw it we knew reaction would be mixed. The design is very different to the previous 10 years on Channel 4, but is the change a good one to symbolise a new start or is the more simplistic look too drastic?

Jeff Ford, Channel 5, Director of Programmes said about the eye: “The new branding really jumps off the page for us and something that I think symbolises Channel 5’s values: straight-talking, direct and not afraid to be different.

“I am really proud of the work the creative team have done to develop the branding for the show, which will set the tone for the whole series."


However many fans weren't convinced.

> View the new Big Brother 2011 for by Channel 5 here!

One fan described the eye as cheap, while another slammed it for being "vile", adding: "Looks like something one of those foreign countries that are only learning how to make Reality TV would do on their versions of Big Brother."

Another moaned: "It’s terrible, when I first saw it I thought there was no way it could be the logo. Looks like something a child made on paint."

But some viewers loved the new design, one said: "It's simple but very nice and looks really clean and modern." while another blasted others for not wanting any change. "People need to remember this is a new series on new channel," the said, "Good on Channel 5 for taking a risk and not playing it safe. Hopefully the series follows."

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