Brian Dowling says he's not going to try and copy Davina McCall

Davina McCall

New Big Brother host Brian Dowling has said he's not going to try and copy former presenter Davina McCall's style. Speaking to the Daily Star today, Brian also confessed he was preparing himself for a negative response from viewers.

"With it now being on a different channel and at a different time of year, I’m hoping I won’t be compared to [Davina] too much," Brian explained. "I’m not Davina McCall, I’m me, but I’m a huge fan of her and she’s been so supportive. I’m not claiming to be her and I’m hoping my different experiences of being in the house will show that.


"I might call her and ask her for some tips though. She’s so impartial, supportive and loves everyone."

Brian, who won Big Brother in 2001, continued: "She can host a massive live show and keep it together which I hope I can do too.

"Not everyone will like it and I will get criticised but I can’t think about the negativity at the moment."

The 33-year-old, who also won last year's Ultimate Big Brother on Channel 5, joked about his new catchphrase. "Maybe I could say something like: ‘BB house, this is Brian. Please swear!’

"Maybe I should ask fans to send in ideas instead."

Sounds good to us! Tell us what you think Brian's catchphrase should below or on our Twitter @tellymix!

Big Brother airs on Channel 5 later this year.

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