Emma Willis says goodbye to Big Brother house as its demolished after last ever series

big brother house

Emma Willis has said goodbye to the Big Brother house after it was demolished following last year's final series.

The Big Brother host shared a shocking picture of the now flattened house while working on another TV show at Elstree Studios.

"Sad times listening to this going on outside my dressing room this weekend... RIP BB house," Emma wrote.

Emma's snap shows that the entire house and garden have now been demolished, with only a few small piles of debris left in its place.

Big Brother started on UK TV in 2000, originally airing on Channel 4.

It moved to Channel 5 in 2011 but the broadcaster announced in September last year that it had decided not to renew the show beyond 2018.

The latest season wrapped up back in November and now its famous house has gone.

“The production company who make Big Brother own the house, but Elstree Studios own the land, so the house has to be taken down now the show has been cancelled,” a source told The Sun newspaper previously of the planned demolition.

They added: “It’s not the end for the show and everyone is convinced it’ll find a new home on another channel, but the house has to leave the site.”

Although there's been talk of the show moving to a new channel once more, nothing has been confirmed just yet.

Bit On The Side's Rylan Clark-Neal tweeted last year (Sunday, November 25): "Not BB yet but u know we’re working on it #SaveBBUK"

Speaking at the time, he said: "My brain just doesn't understand that it's not coming back. To me, I can't understand that I have presented it for the last time. It's going to be majorly missed."

He told the Daily Mail newspaper: "And trust me, I am doing everything I can do in my power to get it back.

"I can't imagine Big Brother not being around. It has shaped my life. I am really in a world of denial about this. I want it back. Many people do."

The current Big Brother house in Elstree has been home to the show since 2002, with the first two series airing from a different site in Bow, London.

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