Kerry Katona to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house with her mum?!

Kerry Katona

The idea of Kerry Katona in the Celebrity Big Brother house makes us even less excited than a visit to the dentist, and yet the reality TV 'star' is set to make it even worse - by taking her mum Sue in with her. According to The People, the pair will enter the house next month.

Channel 5 bosses reportedly hope the move will boost ratings similarly to when Jade Goodie and her mum (and boyfriend) entered the house in 2007.

Let's just hope the end result will be a little better.

“Kerry is very ­outspoken and so is Sue so there is bound to be a lot of friction between them in the house," an insider said. “Theirs is not a typical mother and daughter relationship – it is very volatile and will make great TV.”


It was reported last week that Kerry had been offered £250,000 to enter the house, said to be a "god-send" to the former singer after finding herself in debt to her former management.

“Sue is ­currently thinking it over but it’s fair to say she tempted, especially as she needs the money – just like Kerry," the insider continued. “When Kerry first heard they had asked her mum she thought it would be a nightmare but now she thinks it could work out well for both of them.”

A source added: “Kerry is ­worried because she can’t cook or clean and so won’t be able to pull her weight, which won’t go down well with her housemates. She is also nervous because the public will see what a scruff she really is.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2011 will start on Channel 5 next month.

> Kerry Katona to get £250,000 for Celebrity Big Brother 2011 on Channel 5?

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