Big Brother 2018 spoilers: Preview tonight's latest highlights as nominations are revealed

Here are all the pictures from tonight's Big Brother 2018's latest highlights show.

In this evening's episode, housemates are told of the latest nomination results.

Akeem Griffiths, Brooke Berry, Cian Carrigan, Sîan Hamshaw and Tomasz Wania are all currently up for Friday's latest eviction, following a 'positive nominations' twist.

However, housemates are unaware that both Brooke and Sian were put up for eviction as a result of the secret viewer vote.

It leads to the pair doubting their position in the house, under the belief that no housemates nominated them positively.

Meanwhile, yet another nomination rule break leads to a punishment.

Lewis Flanagan, Cian and Zoe Jones are hauled into the Diary Room by Big Brother after talking about nominations once again.

Big Brother informs the trio "The rules regarding the discussion of nominations have been explained to you on several occasions. Over the last few days all of you have broken these rules.


"You will be punished collectively. Would one of you collect the item from the hatch."

The three piece find themselves shackled together for the rest of the day.

Elsewhere in tonight's show, Cameron gets spooked yet again by the supposed Big Brother ghost and Tomasz works out with some yoga poses.

Tomasz also vents about Lewis' complaints over his 'sexual innuendos'.

"I can't change things about myself, it's just my character. It's my way of having fun. It's so frustrating," he tells Big Brother in the Diary Room.

And Cameron says he "feels sick" about facing the outside world following the end of the show.

He also expresses more guilt over having to sent home Isabella in Friday's eviction. He tells Zoe: "I can't get over the guilt. I can't get over the fact I've ended someone else's experience. She should still be here now."

Big Brother 2018 airs Sunday to Friday at 10PM on Channel 5.