Big Brother 10's Marcus Akin says the show is a "part of British culture"

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Big Brother 10's 'Irrepressible Dark Horse' Marcus Akin has said that the show has become a "part of British culture", suggesting that it can be a success on Channel 5 as long as long as there's some "new blood". Speaking to DigitalSpy his week, Marcus added that the removal of live feed was "a bit s**t".

Talking about the show, he said: "It's part of all our lives now and it will always be there. It's part of British culture and if it wasn't on TV, then what are so many people going to do for the summer... or the autumn as it is now. Part of our culture would be missing.

"But, I hear that there's going to be no live feed this year though, which is a bit s**t isn't it?"

Asked whether he thought the new series on Channel 5, which kicks off next month, would be a success, Marcus replied: "I think it will depend on the first couple of shows. If it's the same people doing the same things, then it will be the same.


"It needs some new blood in there, not to change it fundamentally, but to stop it becoming predictable and run of the mill. People can blame the housemates, but at the end of the day, the housemates can only work with what they're given. It needs the people in charge to shake it up a bit."

He added: "I've heard that the prize money is increased and that there's more budget to do stuff, so it could be really, really good. It won't ever be bad, but it could either be exactly the same or something special with new twists."

Celebrity Big Brother kicks off in mid-August on Channel 5.

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