POLL: Big Brother 2011 ditches the live feed - do you give a damn?

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Big Brother 2011 returns to our screens on its home of Channel 5 next month and with growing speculation that the live feed will be gone we ask - quite bluntly - do you give a damn? The live feed has always caused controversy on the show, and was eventually axed by Channel 4 in 2009, only to be brought back for the final series last year.

Despite very vocal protests from fans of the show, the expensive live feed - which requires lawyers, editors and compliance jobsworths on hand 24/7 - was never a huge hit with most fans, with E4 steaming often being outrated by repeats of Friends in the format's final years on Channel 4.

However it is the core premise of the show that the housemates are being watched and observed constantly, and the lack of a constant stream opens up the possibility for unfair and inconsistent edits.

Channel 5 insist that they want to improve their output of content on social networking websites such as YouTube and Facebook with regularly updated video clips, but could it ever replace a live stream?

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