When does Big Brother 2018 start? New series air date rumours

Big Brother 2018 air date speculation

Emma Willis and Rylan Clark (Big Brother)

The Big Brother 2018 start date is on its way for what could be its last ever series.

But exactly when does it all begin? Here's all we know so far about the BBUK 2018 launch this year.

When is Big Brother 2018 on TV?

Big Brother typically launches early June but we now know that definitely won't be the case this year.

As yet Channel 5 have revealed no official details on the Big Brother 2018 start date beyond "this summer".

According to the latest reports, it may not start until after summer's Celebrity Big Brother.

Although typically Big Brother kicks off the summer runs, apparently Celebrity Big Brother will instead begin the season in 'mid-August', followed by Big Brother in the autumn.

It follows claims that the upcoming series have been delayed in order to avoid a clash against Love Island.

The ITV2 reality series has proved a mega ratings hit, airing at 9PM nightly to over 2.5 million viewers.

"We delayed everything until Love Island is out of the way," a source told the Daily Star newspaper. "Then fans will be ready for us.

"We'd usually start with a regular series but we're launching with all guns blazing with celebrities."

Will it be the last ever Big Brother?

Channel 5 have so far not announced if the show will return beyond the end of the year when the current contract expires.

Right now alongside the new summer series, a Celebrity run is due to air later in 2018.

Last week it was said Big Brother definitely won't return in its current form next year.

Hosts Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal being left in the dark.

Rylan admitted recently: "If it didn’t come back I would be utterly devastated. I can’t imagine TV without Big Brother, I’d love to see it make 20 years — of course I would."

And Emma said last month: "I’m hoping it’s not the last Big Brother."

“I hope they recommission it. I love it. They did brilliant things in January. I think they could do that for the summer series.”

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