New Big Brother producers promise "fresh ideas and fresh thoughts" on new series

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New Big Brother producers Katy Smith and Susy Price have promised viewers that they'll be looking to bring "fresh ideas and fresh thoughts" to the show, describing the decade-old reality hit as a "great format". The pair also took the chance to dismiss competition from 'scripted reality' shows such as The Only Way Is Essex.

"Big Brother is the original reality show. And those shows are very different," Susy told DigitalSpy. You don't vote on them. People go in the house and they are not manipulated like they are on those shows. Whatever they do in the house is what goes out on TV. They are responsible for their own behaviour and have to resolve their own arguments, alliances and friendships. I think it's still a fascinating show."


Meanwhile Katy said: "We're in a fantastic position now. We've got a great show that has loads of brilliant bits to it.

"The format works, we know that, we have a really loyal fanbase and it's all a proven success. We've got the chance to build on that now with fresh ideas and fresh thoughts. We've got something great and we're in a position to make it even better."

Susy added: "I think with any show that is a running series, you want to improve, do new things and excite viewers. We have a great team and we're all still really enthusiastic about it as a show. It's not broken as a show, it's a great format and we'll just continue to do exciting things and improve upon it.

"It's an opportunity on a different channel to make tweaks here and there and be playful with it if we want to. But, I think the general consensus is that it's a great show. It is and will always be Big Brother and there's nothing wrong with it."

Big Brother will debut on Channel 5 later this year.

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