Big Brother bosses apply for new planning permission to avoid house demolition

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Big Brother bosses have made a move to keep the house for a further three years.

The local council had previously turned down documents submitted to them from the show's production company.

But now Big Brother's producers have returned with a new application.

Big Brother's famous bungalow is currently due to be taken down in September when the current contract ends.

A planning application submitted to the local council by programme makers Endemol earlier this year sought a one-year extension.


They state: "Due to the ongoing production needs for the Big Brother programme over the next 12 months, Endemol seeks the retention of the Big Brother building so that those filming commitments can be fulfilled.

"We therefore seek an amendment [...] to allow the Big Brother House and visual/acoustic screening to be retained for a further 12 months."

However the plans were turned away by the council in May.

But now Big Brother has returned with a new application, now seeking a THREE year extension.

The Big Brother house, situated at Elstree Studios, was originally constructed in 2002. The current planning permission runs between 2013 and 2018.

Even if the application goes through, as yet Channel 5 have not confirmed if the show itself will return beyond the end of the year.

Right now one final 'civilian' series plus a Celebrity run are due to air later this summer.

It was previously said Big Brother definitely won't return in its current form next year.

Meanwhile, it's been reported that the summer shows could launch later this year to avoid reality TV rival Love Island.

Last year the two shows launched on the same night and continued clashing most evenings.

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

The result was Big Brother's lowest viewing figures to date, something which Channel 5 will no doubt be wanting to avoid repeating.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, the Big Brother start date may not be until Love Island's new series is over.

"Love Island did so well last year that there is a fear Big Brother will be lost in its shadow too much," a source said. “In some ways it makes sense to launch later.”

Love Island is currently underway and Big Brother may not start until August.

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