Mario says Big Brother on Channel 5 needs to more alcohol and less 'showbiz people'

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Big Brother 11 star Mario Mugan has suggested that Channel 5 need to give the housemates more alcohol in order for the new series of the show to become a hit. Speaking at the latest Big Brother auditions in London, Mario went on to say the programme also needed less "showbiz people" in the line up.

Asked why people took part in the show, Mario explained: "It's one of those things where very few people ever get to do it. It's like going into outer space, only a select few get to do it. To be in something like Big Brother is a milestone in your life. It's nothing like you ever done before and nothing can prepare for you living in that house 24/7.

"I'd say I had one of the best experiences of my life."

In an interview with DigitalSpy, Mario also revealed what he felt Channel 5 needed to do to turn the ailing reality series back into a hit show.

“I think Housemates need to have more alcohol. Sometimes you need the alcohol to get housemates going," he explained. “The most alcohol we ever had in one night during Big Brother 11 was when there were thirteen of us in the house, but just ten cans of Carlsberg. So each of us only got about 75% of a can!”

He continued: "And less showbiz people and fewer people who are already associated with the media.

"Just people off of the street!"


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