Big Brother will not return next year 'in its current form' says Channel 5 boss

Celebrity Big Brother 2017

The fate of Big Brother has been dealt another blow by the boss of Channel 5.

The reality series is gearing up for its latest summer run, and it could well be the last ever.


After almost two decades on TV, Channel 5 have yet to renew the show beyond the end of the year.

Now the channel's boss Ben Frow has said the show won't return in 2019 'in its current form'.

According to industry magazine Broadcast (via Big Blagger), the channel will “not be spending the same amount of money” on the format.

Rylan Clark-Neal and Emma Willis
Rylan Clark-Neal and Emma Willis

Frow is said to have added: "The ball is in Endemol Shine’s [who make the show] court”.

There have already been lots of rumours about what Big Brother's future could hold, ranging from keeping only the Celebrity series to the show moving online.

For now, Big Brother's fate remains up in the air with hosts Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal being left in the dark.

Rylan admitted recently: "If it didn’t come back I would be utterly devastated. I can’t imagine TV without Big Brother, I’d love to see it make 20 years — of course I would."


Rylan said that there "are changes coming" to the show in summer to help it compete against the likes of Love Island.

The former CBB winner explained: “I think it’s time to make Big Brother what it was. I’ve always had one­ ­million per cent faith in the format and that it can be the greatest show on telly.”

celebrity big brother 2018 cast emma eye

And Emma said earlier this month: "I’m hoping it’s not the last Big Brother."


“I hope they recommission it. I love it. They did brilliant things in January. I think they could do that for the summer series.”

As it stands, Channel 5 has confirmed at least one more Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother series to air in the summer.

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