Big Brother auditions 'more like a try out for The Only Way Is Essex'

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Some Big Brother hopefuls have blasted the audition process, saying the show's bosses are after The Only Way Is Essex wannabes rather than 'normal' people. Sources at the weekend's open auditions in London revealed how the 'typical' fame hungry Z-listers were being put through to the later stages of the process.

One said: "At points it felt like it was an audition for the next series of The Only Way Is Essex rather than Big Brother. I was surrounded by some great people, none of which i think got through. I like to think because they were too nice.

"It is likely that the people they have on [the show] are going to be in the mold of TOWIE or Jersey Shore. They will most likely be either a bit unhinged or will be happy to be openly sexual on camera."

Another fan trying out in the nation's capital revealed: "There were quite a few model types there, overheard a group of girls discussing how they've been in Zoo magazine, and judging from their reactions, most of those types were getting through to the next stage - so I wouldn't expect too much change from Channel 4."

A less than impressed hopeful added: "I actually prayed they would say no, because I just wanted to get out of there."

Big Brother 2011 starts on Channel 5 later this summer.

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