So, what goes on behind the scenes at the Big Brother 2011 auditions?

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So the Big Brother 2011 open auditions are over and the Big Brother bosses have their potential housemates whittled down to just a handful! With this twelve series, the first to air on Channel 5, we wanted to know just how the producers were selecting the potential housemates - and fortunately someone told us!

Hopeful housemate Mark Lockstone revealed all about the process after popping down to the try outs in London at the weekend.

"There was a distinct feel of tumbleweed at the venue," Mark Lockstone writes in his blog, "The main entrance, which I expected to be heaving with BB wannabes, was totally deserted A small board was all that gave a clue to what massive event was taking place today. it simply said ‘Registration’. simple and non effective."

First step for the auditionees it seems, a warm up! "[We had to] run on the spot and then do star jumps to warm up. As we were doing this we had to shout out ‘We love Big Brother’."


Next, the obligatory ice breaking question: "Tell us something interesting about yourself?" Nothing too surprising so far.

Then the real audition started, with show bosses giving the auditionees scenarios which they were asked to debate in groups. Mark reveals his included: "Should National Service be introduced for 16yr olds for a year? and Should same sex couple be allowed to adopt children?"

After that it was time for a favourite Big Brother task, asking the auditionees to arrange themselves according to a particular feature. Looks, wealth, and 'desperate-ness' were just a few of the 'qualities' the potential housemates were asked to rank themselves on.

If you made it this far, says Mark, then it's time for a bit of paper work in preparation for the next stage. Mark writes: "I filled in the form with all the pertinent information, including some VERY personal stuff, knowing this was going to be used for the 2nd stage of the process, The Video interview."

Here the hopeful housemates are given a mock Diary Room conversation with Big Brother, with delving questions in a bid to help bring out their personalities and qualities as a Big Brother star. After the interview and it was more waiting says Mark, until the good or bad news was given in X Factor style.

"There were 3 of us in the room and it felt very much like the X Factor auditions when you look around at the people in the room with you and know it’s going to be a No. The group who went in before us had got a Yes so it was even more obvious to me."

Unfortunately for Mark it was no, but for those who had a yes it was onto the next round...

You can read Mark's full experience on his blog or follow him on Twitter

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