Low numbers for Big Brother auditions see some wannabes asked to return after being turned away!

Big Brother 2011 auditions

It seems as though despite claims of more than 10,000 applicants for this year's Big Brother series, the actual numbers have been pretty low on the ground. According to one source at the auditions in Manchester last week, only 500 people turned up. Numbers have been so low, that some hopefuls who were turned down have been asked to return!

One hopeful who has been given a second chance is hairdresser Terry Smith, who was originally turned away when he tried out in Manchester last weekend.

Terry said: “I wanted to show people I am more than a pretty face, and Big Brother is an experience money can never buy.”


Revealing what went on at the auditions, Terry explained: “We were set tasks as a group and as individuals, like singing and dancing, and getting into arguments and debates. After all this, the producers decided who they wanted to be chosen and put through to the next stage, which entailed a photo shoot.

"I was proud to be one of three to be put through from the 50. I was put into the diary room and did a short interview.”

Unfortunately that's where Terry's dream ended, but the optimist lad explained: "Just to be part of the experience and get as far as I did was a proud achievement.”

In a last minute twist however the 22-year-old, who has auditioned for the show many times before, was invited by producers to have another go at the London auditions yesterday.

He told the York Press on Saturday however he was still deciding whether to go for it!

Let's hope that Terry's story is just a one off...

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