Celebrity Big Brother's Ashley James and Ginuwine no longer talk as she 'doesn't trust him'

Celebrity Big Brother 2018

A potential Ashley James and Ginuwine romance post Celebrity Big Brother is off the cards.

The pair struck up a blossoming relationship on the show, but won't be going any further on the outside.

However Ashley has insisted that her feelings inside the house weren't just for the cameras.

She said this week: "I know viewers become a bit cynical about showmances and think it's just for attention so I was so adamant I wouldn't be with anyone, but it's so hard to run away from your heart in that house and I do wear my heart on my sleeve."

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Ashley went on: "I think I had hoped coming out that it would be something and I think I was quite open about that but now I don't speak to him and I just think I'd rather be single and happy than be with someone I couldn't trust.

Ashley and Ginuwine.
Ashley and Ginuwine.

"I don't have harsh feelings for him but I just realised that it wasn't going to work and that we were different people in our expectations for each other.

"There were a few reasons that I realised I wouldn't be able to trust him and I didn't want to sacrifice my own happiness and feelings of self worth."

Ashley previously admitted she wasn't sure about progressing things further following her eviction from the house.

"Before I went into the house I didn't want any form of romance. There's always been a focus on me and [my] relationships," she said. "Even when I saw the VTs - I thought there was no one I could potentially fancy.

"We just got on really well. We were living in an artificial environment, but there's no doubt we had a connection."

The DJ and 'social media influencer' told The Sun: "I can't promise that we have a future together."

Ashley explained: "I'm excited to see how this develops, but we live on different continents so I can't promise what will happen."

However she insisted there was a strong connection between the two, despite an age gap - and Ginuwine being a grandfather.

Ginuwine and Ashley.
Ginuwine and Ashley.

"I love children, but most of his are my age. I don't really care [about the age gap]... I hadn't even thought about it," she said. "I can't even remember [how old he is].. he looks good [for his age]."

It was Aussie drag artist Shane Jenek /Courtney Act who won Celebrity Big Brother 2018, beating Ann Widdecombe in the final vote.

Celebrity Big Brother will return in the summer on Channel 5.

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