Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Amanda Barrie calls out 'fake' Courtney Act


Amanda Barrie calls out Courtney Act / Shane Jenek on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2018 highlights.

Things get tense between the pair when she accuses him of staging THAT wardrobe malfunction during his entrance.

Although quite why it's taken so long to be discussed isn't apparent.

In a preview of tonight's episode, Amanda is seen telling Shane: "I've worked with so many drag queens and I did suspect you on your entrance, because drag queens, they're perfectionists in every way.

"You dropped your knickers on the way in. You don't make mistakes like that so at least own up. It's as simple as that. We call people out in different ways.

Amanda added: "I still like you, I still love you in some ways but I can't take too much bulls**t that's all."

Elsewhere tonight, Ann Widdecombe also takes aim at Courtney.

"I don't acknowledge Courtney, it's an act. It's all an act," she says. "This isn't India, this isn't a transgender issue."

In the Diary Room, Shane tells Big Brother: "Hearing the crowd cheering and knowing that out of the four of us, I was the one saved.

"It does give me some confidence going forward to just keep on being myself and you know, we'll see what happens."

Meanwhile in this evening's episode, the housemates all take on a series of random tasks for special prizes.

The tasks see Wayne and Ashley getting a 10 layer spray tan and Amanda, Shane L and Ann dancing non-stop.

Shane J
Shane J

In another challenge, Malika and Shane J have to work together to complete a giant buzzer game.

Who passed and the reward they are all playing for will be revealed in this evening's episode.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 airs this evening from 9PM on Channel 5.

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