Turnout for Big Brother 2011 open auditions both poor and brilliant

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The Big Brother 2011 open auditions got underway in Manchester yesterday but the turn out for the try-outs seems to be mixed. The Sun report that the numbers at the walk-in auditions were on the low side, but a spokesperson for the programme insisted they were "absolutely delighted" with the amount of wannabes.

The tabloid claims that show producers were forced to look for hopefuls on the streets after a lack of potential housemates turned up to the auditions being held at Old Trafford.

A spokesperson however commented: "The auditions are still taking place at Old Trafford today and we are absolutely delighted with the turnout. We are already target to go beyond last year's figures for the open auditions, and this is in addition to nearly 10,000 applications that have been submitted online"


She added: "There is a standard Old Trafford queuing area set up outside the stadium in accordance with the usual health and safety policies. Due to the vast size of the stadium, the public were invited to queue within the building to make the process as comfortable as possible for everyone attending the auditions."

With the rights to Big Brother now being owned by newspaper rival Daily Star it has to be said The Sun isn't exactly going to be the most independent source, however reports from those at the venue appeared to confirm the claims.

One said: "The producers were bored for most of the day. A few people had camped out at the front of the queue but they just looked silly."

Unfortunately for those Big Brother fans hoping for something different from the new series, don't get your hopes up. First in line at yesterday's auditions was "lad's mag favourite" Lucy Harold. The 22-year-old who has 32DD boobs (because that's apparently important) said: “I just want to show people that I am so much more than a pretty face."

How cliché.

Open auditions continue today in Manchester and will move to London next weekend.

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