Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Does Andrew Brady have a secret girlfriend?

Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Andrew Brady's pals have responded to claims that he has a 'secret girlfriend.

There have been rumours that Andrew went into the Celebrity Big Brother house in a relationship.

But his friends insist that - as far they're concerned - Andrew is very much single.

Speaking to new! magazine this week, one of Andrew's friends explained of the supposed mystery woman in Andrew's life: "I don't want to divulge too much about my mate's personal life, but I find that speculation quite odd and upsetting.

"We speak most days and he told me he was single when he went into that house."


They said of the rumoured girlfriend: "I think she was in Brady's life for a couple of months. I haven't spoken to her.

"It just seems there's a bit of a witch hunt for him online at the moment. His friends and family don't understand why."

Meanwhile, Andrew's pal also explained his rather turbulent relationship with Ann Widdecombe in the house.

They said: "He's not filtering himself for Ann and she's not used to that.

"I think he knew about her super right-wing views and they're quite shocking to him because he's such n open-minded guy. I wouldn't be surprised if he felt she was a bit of a wolf in sheep's clothing."

Last night saw Andrew and Ann in a bitter row following nominations.

Andrew was left fuming with Ann, who he called "evil" and a "c**t", after she remarked how his mum and grandmother would be watching him in the house.

Ann nominated Andrew in face to face nominations, as well as Shane Jenek, for what she claimed were 'inappropriate' acts.

Afterwards, Andrew raged: "I'm gonna tell her and I'm gonna tell her straight. She needs to know. Where I'm from you'd wake up in a f***ing ambulance.

"She's a c***."

Ann and Andrew.
Ann and Andrew.

In the house yesterday (Thursday), Andrew did confront Ann but fortunately no ambulances were needed.

"As soon as someone gets my family into it, I get very protective," he told her in a chat at the smoking area.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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