Celebrity Big Brother's Maggie Oliver hits out at the show's editing

CBB_Jan 18_Day 18_MAGGIE

Maggie Oliver has taken aim at Celebrity Big Brother over the show's editing.

Maggie was one of two celebs to get the boot in a double eviction on the Channel 5 show earlier this month.

Now out of the house, Maggie has had the chance to watch back the show.

And she's claimed that most of her conversations were edited out of the nightly highlights episodes.

"I was talking about police, zero hour contracts, poverty and homelessness and those conversations haven't been shown," Maggie said on an appearance on ITV's Loose Women.


She went on: "I just wanted to keep the spotlight on things that I've talked about."

Despite the lack of air time, Maggie added: "I don't have a single regret about going in."

"I was worried about bad press or that my kids wouldn't speak to me. But I really was myself in there."

Speaking after her eviction previously, Maggie told host Emma Willis of leaving: “I got mixed feelings. I feel like I have made some friends that I am going to be friends with for a long time. I would have liked to stay until the end.”

Emma then asked Maggie how she felt about Ann nominating her for eviction during the week's twist.

She said: “I wasn’t surprised that Ann nominated me because if there was one person in the house who is a polar opposite of everyone else, then I believe it probably is Ann.

"And I said quite openly that I felt that it was a vindictive nomination, directed at me personally, because it wasn’t only me laughing at that task.”

Maggie and Wayne.
Maggie and Wayne.

Emma also asked Maggie why she thought she was singled out: “I have been very outspoken, I’m only on there because I spoke up about what was going on in Rochdale. And I spoke out about that because I felt that generations of girls were subjected to a lot more pain than that over a period of years.

"For me, Ann was in a position of influence in the Houses of Parliament when Ann Cryer was banging on the door and trying to get MPs to deal with that abuse. So for Ann to make that nomination, based on the fact that she said I couldn’t watch pain, is completely hypocritical, it upset me.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.