Celebrity Big Brother's Ashley James confronts Ann Widdecombe after nomination twist

Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Ashley James has confronted Ann Widdecombe on Celebrity Big Brother.

It follows Ann saying she would've nominated Ashley in last night's twist, were it not for her immunity.

Yesterday's highlights saw Ann and Daniel O’Reilly win the power in the house following a competition between the housemates in pairs.

Ann and Daniel were able to save one of the nominated housemates - choosing Daniel himself - and put another up in their place.

Delivering their decision, Ann said she wanted to nominate Ashley but couldn't after she won immunity in a task last weekend.


Ann told Ashley: "I only nominate people who I think have been unkind to others. Therefore, were she not immune, Ashley would be top of my hitlist for her treatment of Johnny."

Instead, Ann put Maggie up for the axe, seeing her face eviction alongside John Barnes, Rachel Johnson, Andrew Brady and herself.

In the house yesterday, Ashley confronted Ann and told her: "I do think it was mean to call me out when I wasn't even an option.

"That was a little... you put the knife in."

Ashley then (jokingly?) warned: "I'm going to get you back when I do your make up."

"You're going to poke me in the eye with a mascara brush?" Ann replied.

She added: "I'm not letting you touch my make up tomorrow. I think I'll definitely do my own make up."

Elsewhere in the house yesterday, Jess repeated her accusations that Andrew was playing a game.

Ashley and Ann.
Ashley and Ann.

She said: "When I first came in I didn't fancy him, he's not my type but when he got up for nomination.

"He was, I don't know if he was coming on to me or if I was being silly. I don't just do a showmances. I'm 29 in a few months, now 21."

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.