Celebrity Big Brother spoilers! See what's happening on tonight's show...

Here's your first look at tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2018 highlights.

Yesterday in the house Big Brother woke up the group with Rihanna hit Shut Up And Drive.

The song was a hint at the task to come, as the housemates exited their bedrooms to find the house had been transformed.

"Welcome to Big Brother's driving school," Big Brother announced. They explained: "For the next two days Big Brother will be testing which housemates are the best drivers."

The housemates are coupled up and can win points throughout the task.

Ann is not pleased and has some harsh words for Big Brother, branding him a "bully" after waking up the house with a Rihanna song.

"You are wholly without manners," she complained in the Diary Room. "You have no manners."

But despite the early morning upset, Ann admits she would like to stay in the Big Brother house ahead of Friday's eviction.

In the bedroom Malika tells Shane J that she feels trapped in the CBB house.

"I just want to be myself, in a corner. I'm not a small talk person. I'm even annoying myself," she says.

More highlights include Amanda describing what life was like growing up during World War II while Andrew admits the real reason why he is in the CBB house.

Meanwhile, Andrew and Shane J discuss the impact that Ann has on the house dynamics.

The housemates currently up for eviction are John Barnes, Ann Widdecombe, Daniel O’Reilly, Rachel Johnson and Andrew Brady.

What housemates don't yet know is a twist awaits.

This week as part of a task to be shown in Thursday night's 9pm show, there will be a nominations twist and then the vote will open.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The double eviction airs on Friday night from 9PM on Channel 5 with host Emma Willis.

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