First Big Brother 'Golden Ticket' winner goes public as controversy grows over the giveaway

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The first owner of a so-called Big Brother 'Golden Ticket' has revealed herself, amid claims that the ticket giveaway has stopped weeks before it should’ve. Christina Chance has come forward to say she's found a golden ticket in the Daily Star newspaper, but in another twist said she couldn't register with the 'hotline'!

Christina has spent the last month looking out for a golden ticket, picking up 27 copies of the wallets before finally finding a ticket. However the Big Brother 2011 hopeful revealed she ws having problems registering the ticket, saying: "Called this morning to make a claim. Got a recorded message. What’s going on?"

She later added: "Just got to go and impress them [now]"

We're not sure why it’s taken so long for one of the tickets to be declared, with 120 of them supposedly being distributed in Saturday issues of the Daily Star and Tuesday issues of OK! magazine. Perhaps the stigma of admitting to reading the two publications is more than it's worth, or maybe it's because the golden ticket looks like a sweet wrapper stapled to a bit of cardboard....

Big Brother golden ticket

Meanwhile there have been claims that the golden ticket contest has suddenly stopped - despite wallets containing the golden tickets originally meant to be distributed until June 20.


According to BBSpy: "Since last Saturday (4th June), the relevant issues [of the Daily Star and OK!] haven’t contained wallets or any other references to the contest."

Channel 5 have yet to comment on the claims.

Big Brother 2011 auditions start this weekend in Manchester, with hopefuls able to pop along and try out for the reality series.

In what is set to be the wackiest series yet, one wannabe said: "I can't wait to show producers what I've got. Kinga and bottle will be seen as normal compared to the madness I have planned."

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