Imogen Thomas hints she'll be on Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5 this year!

Imogen Thomas

Current tabloid favourite Imogen Thomas has hinted that she'll be joining the line up on Celebrity Big Brother 2011 on Channel 5 this August. Speaking to Nuts magazine, the former Big Brother 7 star also said she'd never date another footballer after the Ryan Gigs scandal.

The Welsh Big Brother star became front page news last month following speculation over a super injunction which blocked her from revealing the married footballer she had allegedly been sleeping with. After controversy over the super injunction grew an MP finally confirmed that the person in question was Ryan Giggs.


Despite reports that Imogen has already moved on and dating other footie stars - including Jermain Defoe - Imogen said she'd never go near any footballer again. “Why on earth would I be out with Jermain Defoe after all I’ve been through, that’s not in my interests. I’m not ready to look now,” she said.

The former Miss Wales also revealed that she was set to make a surprise return to Big Brother later this, appearing in the Celebrity Big Brother house when the show returns to Channel 5.

Imogen said: "I’d like to go on. I think you’ll have to wait and see. I’m not allowed to say.”

Given how well it went the last time a former Big Brother star went into the Celebrity version, this could make for great - if through the fingers - viewing!

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