Big Brother wannabe buys 217 copies of the Daily Star... and still doesn't find a ticket!

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Desperate Big Brother 2011 wannabe Matt Oakes has us all feeling sorry for him. The self-confessed bisexual virgin, aged 27, bought a whooping 217 copies of the Daily Star on Saturday hoping to find a 'prized' golden ticket, only to find nothing it all in any of the papers.

Matt, who cleared out stock at a number of his local news agents for the chance to enter the Big Brother house, moaned: “I had been looking forward to the competition. But people have beaten me to it and stolen the envelopes. I am very upset.

“But I guess it shows how desperate people are.”

120 golden tickets will be placed in the Saturday issue of the Daily Star for the next month, with the first match being distributed last Saturday. While the tickets won't get you into the house, you will be given the chance to skip the auditions and proceed right to the final selection if you find one.

By the sounds of it poor Matt has come close to getting in Big Brother before, he managed to secure a golden ticket thanks to a Kit Kat promotion back on Big Brother 7 during 2006. Unfortunately after a random ballot the winning ticket holder was Susie Verrico, who entered the house directly in the middle of the series.

If you don't get a golden ticket you can still audition for Big Brother 2011. Big Brother 2011 open auditions in Manchester and London take place next month.

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