Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Chad Johnson and Sarah Harding take wine and Jemma Lucy's not happy

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Chad Johnson and Sarah Harding anger Jemma Lucy in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother.

In this evening's episode from 9PM, Sarah and Chad take a bottle of red wine to share in the smoking area.


Jemma reacts; “I think it’s bang out of order! We had a discussion where we leave the alcohol on the bench in the kitchen!”

Sarah pours Derek some red wine in the smoking area whilst the other housemates are eating dinner in the kitchen, Jemma continues to talk about Sarah.

Jemma then heads to the smoking area to take the bottle of red wine back to the kitchen.


"I don't think it's very fair you've taken a bottle," Jemma says. "I like it and other people like it."

Sarah and Chad later join the rest of the housemates in the kitchen for dinner.

Jemma and Chad then argue in the garden. Jemma tells Chad that him and Sarah are excluding themselves and making the rest of the house feel uncomfortable.

"Do you want to go in there now and ask everybody if they feel uncomfortable when it's just you and Sarah?" Sarah asks Chad.

"We're up for eviction every time so it doesn't matter," Chad replies.

"So you don't have to respect other people just because you're up for eviction?" asks Jemma.


Chad hits back: "Why don't you respect us. Why don't you ask Sarah how she's doing?"

"I don't give a f**k about Sarah, that's why. But I ask you, I speak to you," Jemma explains. "When you're sitting in that smoking area and you're all over her, some people - not me, you could be f**king her and I wouldn't give a f**k - but some people feel uncomfortable.

Jemma Lucy.
Jemma Lucy.

"They feel as though you're having an intimate moment and they cannot go and sit there and enjoy themselves."

After in the bedroom, Helen, Shaun and Jemma talk about feeling uncomfortable around Sarah and Chad


Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

This evening sees the latest live eviction show with six housemates - including Jemma, Chad and Sarah - facing the axe.