Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Sam Thompson gets a unique tan before the next eviction

Sam Thompson

Sam Thompson has been given a unique tan on Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

The Made In Chelsea was was given the makeover by Jemma Lucy today and all the other housemates gathered around to watch.


"Is it really bad?" Sam reacted as he was coated in layers of fake tan.

Derek quipped: "It looks good!"

Retreating to the Diary Room, Sam told Big Brother: "I've had my fair share of spray tans in my life and I know for a fact you're not meant to have tan on the palms of your hands.


"The body looks like good. I've never heard of contouring but hey, you know what I;m always open minded about those things so I was like okay, fine.

"I'm okay with that, I've looked like this coming out of the spray tan place before"

But pointing to his face, Sam continued: "I've never looked like that. Ever. And that's what worries me.


"The palms of the hands and the face. I look like a raccoon and I just don't quite trust Jemma."

Sam went on: "She's got this evil grin on her. Why would the palms of my hands be browner than the backs of my hands. That's what I want to know.

"I know for a fact when I go to the spray tan place, and I don't go all the time because I don't, but when I do, the wipe you hands so they don't get tanned... I definitely need to get this taken off."

Sam then added: "I'm most disappointed in Amelia, because she's looking at me and says she cares. This is a test. She said this was normal so I'm going to go with it, and if it's not, there's going to be a lot of people I'm not talking to after this.

Sam Thompson.
Sam Thompson.

"I'll be blanking a lot of people. Derek, telling me I look great. Jemma, blanked. Sarah, blanked. Chad, blanked. Shaun, blanked. I'm going to blank everyone."


Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

Sam is one of six housemates facing eviction in Tuesday night's live show.