Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Chad Johnson tells Sarah Harding he "loves" her

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Chad Johnson has said he 'loves' Sarah Harding on Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

In tonight's show, the couple once again get intimate in the bedroom.


It follows a huge fight between the pair, although Chad really didn't know why Sarah was so angry.

"Listen to me, I've been in this business fifteen f**king years, you're just starting out," she told him. "You're just starting out mate, don't f**king ake the p***."

"What is your drama?" a puzzled Chad asked. "What did I do so bad. Why are you mad at me?"


The couple quickly made up and spent the evening getting cosy in bed.

"I luff you," Chad told Sarah.

"No you don't," she replied.

"I do love you," Chad insisted, "As a person for sure. Am I in love? I'm not sure yet but I do love you."

"It takes time you've gotta get out of here," Sarah said.

"I know I love you, though. Because I just know I do," Chad told Sarah. "I do love you."


The couple then got frisky with Sarah telling Chad: "You're like a naughty kid. Just wait till Friday."

Elsewhere in tonight's show, Sarah and Chad talk about a dictatorship in the house. Talking in code and referring to Sandi as ‘pineapple juice’, Sarah says; “The pineapple juice is overtaking, definitely.”

Later, Sarah and Chad cook dinner for their fellow housemates. As they all gather to eat, Sandi stays in the living area.

Chad Johnson and Sarah Harding.
Chad Johnson and Sarah Harding.

Sarah and Chad are cleaning up in the kitchen, talking about Sandi. Sarah says: “Was Sandi p**sed off with us taking the kitchen over? I want to cook too! She’s quite pushy when it comes to the kitchen stuff.”


Meanwhile, Sam and Jemma are in the bathroom talking about the couple. Sam says; “I know what will happen with Sarah and Chad. It will be so embarrassing!”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight on Channel 5 from 9PM.