Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Paul Danan slams Trisha Paytas' 'drug sharing' claims

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Paul Danan has blasted Trisha Paytas after she allegedly accused the Celebrity Big Brother housemates of 'sharing drugs'

Trisha Paytas supposedly claimed the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates were 'sharing drugs' after leaving the house.

Trisha walked out of Celebrity Big Brother last Friday night after 11 days.

She took aim at her fellow housemates following the live show: “I’m walking sorry, I’m not staying. This house is disgusting.

"The boys cheering when two people are up…narcissistic a**eholes, it’s not about them! I’m done.


"Fake, disgusting people. If they are your representation of your country, of the UK, it’s a disgusting f**king country! Pieces of actual sh*t in this house! I’m not doing it sorry.

In a now deleted tweet, Trisha apparently took aim at her former housemates: "The vileness that came from these housemates’ mouths that they didn’t air would shock you.

“The drug sharing in the house would shock you.”

Housemates are not permitted to share any medication and a spokesperson for the show told The Sun: 'Big Brother constantly monitors housemates and their behaviour.”

Now Paul has hit back at Trisha's accusations following his eviction.

He told The Sun of Trisha's suggestion: "RUBBISH! Biggest load of bulls**t ever!"

Opening up candidly about his past problems with drink, Paul went on to confess: "It’s not easy in there, it’s hard. It was a rollercoaster journey but I feel I was like my self. My recovery was so tested, can you imagine you’re sitting and everyone is drinking and you’re not."


He added: "For me, the more it went on, I could see I was doing it and I wasn’t going for a drink - it was empowering me. The more I watched them get drunk and how they changed from day to night made me want to stay sober."

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

The final airs next Friday night at 9PM.

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