Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Sarah Harding RAGES at Paul Danan after row over booze

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Sarah Harding and Paul Danan clash on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

The topic of Sarah's drinking comes up when she ends up almost setting fire to the kitchen.

Sarah attempts to heat up a cottage pie in the oven but soon Amelia notices: “So being in the kitchen smells of fire, Sarah put the cottage pie in the oven and I’ve opened it up and it’s cremated.

"I’ve took it out and now it stinks in the kitchen."

She remarks: This is why I have food cold when I’ve had a few drinks, you don’t ever turn the oven on when you’ve had a few drinks.”

Sarah Harding.
Sarah Harding.

Paul then says of Sarah: “She’s off her rocker! She’s downed the drinks. She keeps saying she’s on the orangeade, what a load of rubbish.”

Paul then tells Chad to have a word with Sarah, Chad replies to him ‘chill out Paul’

He adds: “You can’t say things like that, she’s fine. She’s not going to burn the place down.”

Paul retracts; “OK, she’s a little bit tipsy.”

Chad then tells Sarah: “Paul is being Paul. You heated it a little bit too much. He said you were off your rocker.”

Sarah reacts: “Really?! Is he for real? I literally went to go and get changed and it was 10 minutes. "

The Girls Aloud singer insists: "I’m drinking orangeade! He’s such a little b***h!”

Elsewhere tonight, while he clashes with Sarah, Paul makes up with Jemma. Yesterday the pair had a blazing row but in this evening's episode they're BFFs again - for now.

Sarah Harding.
Sarah Harding.

Paul says: “I’m so sorry I reacted that way…I miss my boy and I’m trying to do my recovery…you hit me where you hurt and I’m genuinely sorry and should have never reacted like that.”

Jemma adds: “I’m sorry for saying that too but I only said it to get your attention and it went too far…we’re like a married couple!"

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 8:30PM on Channel 5.

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