Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Sandi Bogle and Brandi Glanville clash again

Celebrity Big Brother 2017

Sandi Bogle and Brandi Glanville locked horns again in the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house yesterday.

As their previous day's row aired in last night's highlights show, the pair were rowing once more inside the house.


And in the very bizarre argument, the pair clashed over whether or not they clashed with one another.

Sandi told Brandi in the bedroom: "I don't like your sarcasm. Sometimes I just don't like it at all. It p***es me off.

"This is why is said you do your thing, keep doing your thing. But if I hear a thing where you're gonna be having a little dig or whatever , believe me I will ignore you 24/7."


Brandi asked: "Did I attack your character? No I did not. Have you never made fun of me once in here?"

"What have I said, Brandi?"If you can say what I've said, Brandi, then say it," Sandi replied.

"I don't know what you've said-," Brandi responded.


"Because I haven't!" Sandi declared, "Because you don't know me, Brandi. You just don't know me. This is why we clash, because you just don't know me."

"But I don't clash with you-," claimed Brandi.

"You clash with me Brandi," insisted Sandi.

"You clash with me," Brandi said. "But I don't clash with you. I like you."


Sandi then tried to move the conversation along: "Listen, I say it as it is. I say what I see. You have a problem with me and you had a go."


But Brandi as adamant: "I don't have a problem with you. I honestly don't."

The latest drama from the house will air in tonight's show from 8:30PM on Channel 5.