Celebrity Big Brother 2017: More drama as more bitchy quotes are revealed

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Big Brother has again been stirring up drama by revealing more bitchy quotes to the house.

In yesterday evening's highlights, the Big Brother housemates awoke to find the house had been transformed into a crime ridden city for a Murder Mystery task.


Sam and Sarah were brought to the diary room, and found out they had been voted as the murderers in the game via an online public poll.

Brandi and Paul are the detectives in the criminal case team. Their mission is to uncover the killers in the game.

As part of the task last night, Brandi and Paul visited the deceased victims office where Big Brother had hidden a series of quotes underneath items in the room, spoken by other housemates about Paul and Brandi.


The other housemates watched from the screen in the living room and it led to a rather tense clash between the housemates.

In the house yesterday, Big Brother did much the same in hopes of causing even more drama.

This time, Paul and Brandi entered Big Brother's forensics lab to get more 'clues'. The clues again were bitchy quotes by the housemates.


One of the quotes was Sarah slagging off Derek while another saw Jemma complain: "Older people sticking together, younger people sticking together.

"I came here respecting my elders, but they're now sticking together like they're untouchable."

Meanwhile, as part of the task, Sam and Sarah have been asked by Big Brother to killer nominate housemates. They've nominated Paul, Brandi, Helen and Derek.

If Sarah and Sam pass the task by not being identified as the murderers, the housemates they've nominated will face eviction.

Sarah and Sandi.
Sarah and Sandi.

However if they fail, they'll immediately face eviction themselves alongside two others chosen by Paul and Brandi.


Two of the four will get the boot in tonight's live show following a flash vote.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 8:30PM on Channel 5.

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