Fifth Harmony hit back at Sarah Harding's comments on Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Fifth Harmony have hit back at Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding after 'slut shaming' the American girl group.

Chatting to Chad Johnson in the Celebrity Big Brother house this week, Sarah spoke about today's girl groups and took aim at Fifth Harmony in particular.

Asked if she knew who Fifth Harmony were, Sarah replied: "Those slutty ones? They all wear next to nothing, all the bands nowadays. Slutty, slutty, slutty. Sex sells, sex sells."

Of course, Girls Aloud weren't exactly shy with their outfits back in the day but Sarah insisted it was different.

"When we were touring we didn't wear much but it was hot," she told Chad. "It's when they do the videos and it's all slut drops and twerking.

Girls Aloud
Girls Aloud

"We used to have proper dance routines and they just do slut drops."

Fans of Fifth Harmony were NOT impressed as the clip circulated on Twitter.

"So sad that it's 2017 and we still have women slutshaming other women for what they wear," one wrote as Fifth Harmony fans trended "#SarahHardingisOverParty".

Now Fifth Harmony themselves have spoken up with Dinah Jane telling The Sun: “Nobody has ever told us 'you have to wear this because this is the look.’

“I honestly speak for myself; I go out there wearing shorts that I feel comfortable in, maybe because my thighs are my favourite thing about me so I can show them off.

“That's like my favourite part of my body so I'm definitely going to go out there and show some legs because they're fine as hell.”

And the singer confessed: “I don’t know who she [Sarah] is.


“If she wants some lessons or something – people always want to learn how to booty pop like Fifth Harmony.

“But shout out to her; keep doing you girl. I really don't know who she is.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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