Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Sam Thompson makers a killer confession!

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Sam Thompson is close to scuppering this week's Celebrity Big Brother 2017 nominations twist.

In tonight's show, housemates wake up to find that the Big Brother house has been transformed into a crime ridden city for a Murder Mystery task.

Housemates have been given new identities and costumes, and must solve the murder to complete the task.

Sam and Sarah are brought to the diary room, and find out they have been voted as the murderers in the game via an online public poll.

Brandi and Paul are the detectives in the criminal case team. Their mission is to uncover the killers in the game.

Sam, Sarah and Chad.
Sam, Sarah and Chad.

Sam and Sarah are asked by Big Brother to killer nominate two housemates undetected by marking the face of the selected housemates on the video wall. They mark Paul and Brandi.

Brandi and Paul go to the diary room to talk about the killer nominations while Sam confesses to Shaun as his confidant, that he and Sarah are the killers in the task.

Unawares, Brandi and Paul interrogate Sandi as part of the task.

Later, Sam walks over the Sandi in the garden and tells her “I’m the f**king killer! They went, pick two people if you want to win the game.

"Obviously I’m going to pick the two police officers. It’s become, not a game, and become a f**king huge thing.”

For the next killer nomination, Sarah and Sam are told by Big Brother to place a horse’s head into the bed of the nominated housemate.

They choose Helen and Derek, putting the up for eviction - so long as Sarah and Sam can complete the task without being caught.

Paul then reveals he suspects Sarah of being a killer. Sarah tries to suggest that Jemma is in fact the culprit but Paul replies; “I wish she was. I’d love her out.”


Meanwhile, Sam is in the diary room to talk about the task and Sarah.

He tells Big Brother: “I was paired up with a girl that I would have voted for. I would have killed her off!”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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