Celebrity Big brother 2017: Paul Danan threatens to quit after huge fight with Jemma Lucy

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Paul Danan threatens to quit Celebrity Big Brother 2017 in tonight's show after a huge row.

It begins when Brandi tells Jemma about a comment Sandi apparently told Paul; “She doesn’t like you either. She thinks that we’re immature and she thinks that we’re a mess.”


Jemma walks into the garden to confront Paul about the allegation and an explosive row breaks out between Jemma and Paul.

"Look at the state of you, sort your head out!" Jemma hit out at Paul.

"Go drink your f**king drink!" he replied.


"At least I can handle it!" Jemma retorted.

"Why are you going so low?" Paul said, confronting Jemma in the garden. "What have I ever done to you?"

"You're a s**t stirrer!" Jemma claimed as the pair squared up to one another, "Bring it, bring it!"

Big Brother eventually is forced to step in and Paul goes to the diary room to talk about Jemma.

He threatens to leave the Big Brother house and rages: “F**k this! I’m out of here! She’s won!”

However he eventually calms down and remains in the house.


Meanwhile, back in the main house, Brandi, Jemma and Sandi continue the argument in the living room.

Sandi and Brandi clash over the mess Brandi and Jemma made in the toilet the night before.

Sandi shouts: "You're meant to be like you're Brandi from America, babes. You just don't know, you ain't got a clue. I can't draw it out but you're doing it right now. Go and run and get some more stuff and go paint on the window in the bathroom.

"Big Brother had to shut the bloody blinds to go and clean the bloody window. Your children can do better games than you, babes "


"If I want to be immature I can be immature!" Brandi replies. "Does it really matter if there's something on a window? Does it really f**king matter? What did it do to you?"


"Kiss my butt, kiss my butt!" responds Sandi.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.