Tim Westwood and Snoop Dogg for Celebrity Big Brother 2011 on Channel 5

Big Brother (Generic)

Radio 1Xtra DJ Tim Westwood has revealed both he and US rapper Snoop Dogg have been approached by Channel 5 to take part in Big Brother. Westwood, who also presents Pimp My Ride on MTV here in the UK, is perhaps best known for his faux-Black British pronunciation and dialect.

Speaking about the new series of Celebrity Big Brother, Westwood said: "The talk is.... well, I got a phone call at the office yesterday and it was Celebrity Big Brother for Channel 5. They asked would Westwood like to do it?"

"So I asked who else was doing it and the person they put forward was.... Snoop Dog."

He continued: "I think I'm going in Celebrity Big Brother. I'm going to do it. If Snoop is doing it, I'm doing it. It's not for the money, I just want to go in and hang out with my man Snoop for 3 weeks until I get evicted."

He added: "Knowing me I'll get evicted early on!"

Other names linked to Celebrity Big Brother 2011 include Amy Childs and Rachel Stevens.

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