Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Does Jemma Lucy fancy Chad Johnson?

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

There could be a new Celebrity Big Brother 2017 love triangle forming.

In tonight's show Jemma Lucy reveals possible feelings for Chad Johnson, which may explain her ongoing rows with Sarah Harding.

In this evening's episode, Jemma talks to Paul, Sam and Jordan about her kiss with Chad from the Spin the Bottle game. Jordan says: “I think Chad enjoyed that" and Sam adds: “He loved it, we asked him, we were in the kitchen with him and he was like 'yea mate, not the worst".

Paul confesses that Chad confirmed to him too and says: "Oh yea he told me too, he said it was good."

Jemma admits: "I loved kissing him too" and Paul responds "I know you did, I could tell, I could see what kind of kiss it was, it was a proper full on nice passionate".

Chad and Jemma.
Chad and Jemma.

Jemma tells Paul: "It was a nice kiss" and Paul tells her he thinks "It could have gone further" to which Sam agrees he observed that: "tingles were there" to which Paul says: "tingles were there and if no-one else was there, then I think panties might have been down".

Jemma laughs and Jordan says: "If she (referring to Sarah) was to go, you know gone that night, imagine that. He would have been all over you Jem, as soon as she's gone Jem, he's swerving over to you."

Jemma tells the boys: "I'm not being second best" to which Jordan says: "But he's the Chad, Jemma, if you were drunk and Sarah left, come on, he's the Chad" and Jemma confirms “I would kiss him again”.

Later on, Jemma and Chad talk in the garden about Sarah. Jemma tells him, “We’re just shouting back at each other. That’s all it is. Me and Sarah get on fairly well, but drunk…no.”

Chad replies “It’s just so hard for me, because I like you, I like her. I like everybody, and I’m always in the middle.”

Jemma says; “I don’t obviously care that you f**king want to get with Sarah, and she shouldn’t care that you get on with me. I don’t want you to feel secluded, that is the one thing that you might be doing a little bit. Just don’t let whatever is going on with you and her ruin your own experience.

Chad and Jemma.
Chad and Sarah.

"If you want to chill with her and be secluded, do it. But if you don’t want to do that, don’t. You don’t know what is going to happen outside. She’s got a boyfriend, you know that.

"If she goes out there and says, ‘sorry, Chad’, I’m going to go with him’, you’re going to be like, what the f**k? Why didn’t I make an effort with other people?”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.