Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Sarah Harding is NOT happy as Jemma Lucy avoids eviction

sarah harding eviction

Sarah Harding isn't happy following tonight's Celebrity Big Brother eviction results.

Tonight it was Jordan who was evicted from Celebrity Big Brother 2017 tonight after the latest public vote.

He was one of four housemates facing the axe in the third eviction alongside Jemma Lucy, Sam Thompson and Helen Lederer.

In the live show, host Emma Willis first spoke to the house to reveal that Helen and Jemma had the most votes (in no particular order) before announcing Jordan was being evicted with the fewest votes to save.

Despite the crowd chanting 'Get Jemma Out' and booing the Ex On the Beach star, she escaped the chop and Sarah's face was a picture.

Jemma and Amelia.
Jemma and Amelia.

In tonight's highlights, Sarah threatened to QUIT the show if Jemma avoided eviction.

The pair kicked off once again during a game of spin the bottle when Jemma asked Sam to kiss Sarah with tongues.

Both Sarah and Sam refused to kiss for the game, leading to Jemma to argue; “You lot f**king play the game then, I won’t play it!” She kicks the table and walks outside.

She then shouted to Sarah from the garden; “You’ve got a boyfriend and you’re kissing Chad anyway. Add another one to the list!”

Sarah then spoke to Big Brother in the diary room about Jemma and declared: “She needs to go. Things are going too far with her.

"She goes, or I do. End of.”

Meanwhile tonight's evictee Jordan has slated Sarah, saying he 'HATED' her and accused the Girls Aloud star of hiding drinks and cigarettes.

"She's a nightmare! When she has a drink she's a different person. I hate her. The Chad thing is bullish*t!" he said.


On Jemma, he added: "She says it how it is! She expected me to have her back, it was hard. She wouldn't leave me and Sam alone!"

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

There will be a DOUBLE eviction this upcoming Friday night.