Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Jemma Lucy kicks off at Sarah Harding

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Jemma Lucy kicks off at Sarah Harding in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother in a game of spin the bottle.

It begins when the game leaves Sam Thompson in the hot seat and he's dared by Jemma to kiss Sarah..


But Sarah reacts: "No, come on! This is getting ridiculous."

"Come on, it's fine," Jemma insists.

"No, it's not," protests Sarah.

Sam says: "it's for Sarah, it's not me for to say yes or no to."

Sarah quips: "I can't snog everyone!"

"Yes you can!" Jema insists. "It's a dare, come on."

"I'm not going to snog two guys," Sarah says.


Sam says: "It's most certainly for Sarah to like, deal with whatever she needs to deal with."

But Jemma is having none of it and says: "Stand up and f**king do it, it's a kiss."

"It's a very big ask, Jem," Sarah responds, "I'm not snogging everyone in the house."

But Jemma continues: "I've just kissed Chad and he's only kissed Sarah, it's just a dare.

"Are we playing a game or not? 'Cause it's a f**king game, it's a kiss. Are you actually pussying out on that, really?"

Sarah replies: "Why's it all kissing?"

Jemma goes on: "Listen I f**king did it why can't you two do it? All you've done is kiss me, Sarah. You haven't kissed loads."

Sarah replies: "Not everyone needs to kiss everyone, we can do different stuff now."

Jemma tells her before storming off: "Well that's why I've chosen. It's my f**king bottle... alright then you all f**king play the game. And I won't play it.


"F**king bulls**t man. Play your f**king game yeah and kiss her on the cheek, go on Sam."

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.