Celebrity Big Brother 2017 news! Mean tweets, Chad's secret girlfriend and is Sarah playing a game?

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Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

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Yesterday in the house and Chad and Sarah's kiss continued to be the talk of the housemates.

Things took another turn with some of the group accusing Sarah of playing a game and stringing Chad along. Brandi told him: "I don't want you to look like a little b***h and that's how it's coming across, like a puppy dog who will do anything she says. She gets the sexiest guy and you get a broken heart."

On the outside world and Sarah and Chad's potential romance took another twist with rumours that Chad is hiding a 'secret girlfriend' who spoke out following the episode in a cryptic tweet.

Away from Chad and Sarah, there was more drama over a kiss from Sam and Amelia, or rather a lack of one.


Sam revealed to Jordan: "I don't think I should [kiss her], but just then I could feel my face moving to the right a little bit and I was like 'F**k!' and It ended with a f**king wave... I wanted to kiss her tonight."

Meanwhile, housemates faced mean tweets from viewers in a brand new task as part of the weekend's cheerleading challenge.

The house has been split in two to play for immunity from the next eviction. Sarah is captain of the blue team with Amelia, Paul, Chad, Brandi and Derek while Sandi leads the red team with Jordan, Jemma, Sam, Shaun and Helen.

In the latest task today (Sunday), housemates were read out mean tweets by Big Brother.

One member from each team then had to take part in a race with the winner getting the chance to identify which housemate the tweet was about. Highlights from the challenge will air in tonight's show.

Red Team
Red Team

Elsewhere, Paul told Big Brother in the Diary Room he was now going for the win. "Rejection's a massive thing and I'm fed up with being rejected. I'm fed up with coming second," Paul said.

He added: "It's all about first now. It's all about winning. And that's what I want and that's the truth."

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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