Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Karthik Nagesan hits out at Paul Danan for 'bullying' him

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Karthik Nagesan has hit out at Paul Danan following his eviction from Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

Karthik got the axe in last night's live show, the second housemate to leave the series.

His exit followed a big row with Paul in the house over racism, something which Karthik admitted he was wrong about.

However the former candidate on The Apprentice did slam Paul and other housemates for making him feel isolated.

"In hindsight no [he wasn’t racist], I probably let my emotions get the better of me as well," Karthik explained. “On my first day I wore a T-shirt that said ‘The Big K’, and I believe I have a nice sounding ethnic name, it’s Karthik, but for some people it is difficult.


“But in spite of that I felt mocked and ridiculed [by Paul].

“And then there was a task I had to get him drinks, so his attitude for repeatedly saying my name the wrong way, plus the way he ordered me around felt bad, so that’s the way I responded the way I did.”

He went on: “We know that people do things that they tell other people not to. I’m sure that he’s a nice person on the outside, but in there, in my humble opinion, he was playing situations, and a lot of ‘he said this’, ‘she said that.’

“He came up to me and said ‘Oh we don’t want the Americans to win,’ and I don’t agree with that, that is a divide and rule policy and that has broken countries before, are one family, all housemates.”

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Karthik also have complaints about Brandi Glanville.

“I believe that Brandi and Paul, in real life maybe they are nice people in this environment under this stress they have created a clique and have made me feel isolated,” he explained.


But Karthik concluded: “If someone hurts me I’m going to show them love.

“An eye for an eye makes the world blind, they probably gave me hurt, but I chose to show them kind.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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