Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Trisha Paytas quits and viewers couldn't be happier

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Celebrity Big Brother viewers seem to be overjoyed after Trisha Paytas walked out the house tonight.

Last night it was confirmed that Trisha had left the house and tonight saw what went down.

Trisha went to the diary room to speak to Big Brother; “I’m walking sorry, I’m not staying. This house is disgusting. The boys cheering when two people are up…narcissistic a**eholes, it’s not about them! I’m done.

"Fake, disgusting people. If they are your representation of your country, of the UK, it’s a disgusting f**king country! Pieces of actual sh*t in this house! I’m not doing it sorry.

"I’m a self-absorbed nasty b*tch and there are way more nasty people in this house…”


While Trisha's fans were busy telling Sarah Harding to kill herself (seriously), most other viewers couldn't be happier to see the YouTuber go.

@morgancrawf quipped: "Don't let door hit you on the way out Trisha #cbb" while @nickyjane68 declared: "What a vile person Trisha is so glad she has left #cbb"

@howleyyyy rejoiced: "Thank f**k that trisha has left. What a pain in the arse #CBB" and @sambloodylane tweeted: "Yeah ok BYE TRISHA and good riddance. Big Brother is the greatest show on earth, it was doing fine before you & will be fine after you #CBB"

@RayJorden posted: "Sorry Trisha but maybe this wonderful country doesn't really like you and your self absorbed ways #CBB @bbuk" before @SweetGyal_83 commented: "Trisha should have walked before the eviction. Now Karthik has lost his place in the house over someone who walked. So unfair 😔 #cbb"

Meanwhile, former BB housemate @LukeMarsden suggested: "Trisha's problem was/is the housemates and the public didn't bow down to her and she can't comprehend this #CBB"

Why Trisha quit CBB

And @LJay815 agreed: "It's 100% clear that Trisha has only walked because she heard boo's and realised she is a nobody in this country. #cbb"

@AdoringGinaRio added: "Trisha only self evicted because she couldn't handle the boos from the crowd. She thought she would be loved because she's "so famous" #cbb"

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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