Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Trisha Paytas brands Sarah Harding a "f**king c***y a** b***h"

CBB_Day 5_Trisha

Trisha Paytas has slammed Sarah Harding in a mega rant after leaving Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

Trisha walked out of the house late last night just after the latest eviction.


In a video posted to YouTube, Trisha said she didn't regret leaving and took aim at her fellow housemates.

"I have been watching so many clips, like a dozen and fake a*s people in the f***ing house," Trisha began. "I do not regret leaving now and I have some stuff to say.

"I will make this one video and that is the most famous they will ever be."

Why Trisha quit CBB


She branded Paul Danan a "fake motherf**ker" and slammed Amelia Lily for being "f**king fake" as well.

But it was Sarah Harding who Trisha seemed to have the biggest problem with.

Trisha wanted from her hotel room: "Sarah f***ing Harding, little f***ing c***y a** b***h.

"I've got so much f***ing insight and information on her but I'm not going to say it because, they don't expose it but..."

Without going into any real detail, Trisha then continued: "The s**t they do in that house is shady as f*** and they cater towards Sarah and it's some shady a** s**t that would not fly in America, that's all I'm going to say about that.

"Sarah Harding is a piece of s**t, she called me a stupid cow, f*** you Sarah Harding who the f*** are you?"


Later on Twitter, Trisha continued to rant.

"I can't believe the UK condones a show like #cbb it would be SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY in America for its disgusting practices," she told her followers.


Trisha added: "I'd rather have my sanity then fame or money any day. NOT WORTH IT"


Trisha's exit from the house and the aftermath will play out in Saturday night's episode.

The show will air at 9PM on 5Star and 10:30PM on Channel 5, due to the football.