Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Sarah Harding's dad wants her OUT of the house

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Sarah Harding's dad thinks she should LEAVE Celebrity Big Brother 2017 for her own well being.

Sarah's father John Hardman has branded the show "cruel TV" and claimed it would best for Sarah to leave.


He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Sarah's being cruelly exploited for ratings purposes. It would be in her best interests if Celebrity Big Brother arranged for her to leave - her health is in jeopardy.

"I can't bear to see my daughter break down and be forced to open her heart once more about her insecurities and vulnerabilities in front of cameras.

"It's cruel TV."

And Sarah's dad went to claim that Big Brother was "demeaning" for the singer, who was one-fifth of girl group Girls Aloud.


"With the amazing career that she's already enjoyed, she doesn't actually need to be in the house at all," he said. "She's enjoyed huge success with Girls Aloud. It's so demeaning for her."

This week the Celebrity Big Brother housemates have been accused of 'bullying' Sarah Harding.

Last night it was nominations time and Sarah was one of four housemates put up for eviction, following a lot of tears and rows involving the Girls Aloud star.

And those tears and rows continued yesterday evening, with Trisha branding the singer a "c**t", amongst other things.

Sarah then later rowed with Paul Danan in a huge argument in the garden before she yet again locked horns with Jemma Lucy.

Meanwhile, in scenes shown tonight, Jemma and Trisha got angry with Chad for spending time with Sarah.


Viewers have been quick to brand the antics of the housemates 'bullying' with 38 even making official objections to TV Watchdog Ofcom.

On Twitter, one fan wrote: "Another posted: "I actually don't think I can watch this anymore it's so uncomfortable poor Sarah it's bullying!! @bbuk #cbb"

A spokesperson for Ofcom told The Sun newspaper today: “We will assess these complaints before deciding whether or not to investigate”.

A Big Brother spokeswoman commented: "Big Brother constantly monitors housemates and their behaviour."


However not everyone thinks Sarah is totally innocent with some accusing the singer of 'playing the victim'.


"Really not getting the publics love for Sarah , she's bringing on a lot HMs dislike for her herself and then playing the victim #CBB," one wrote.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.